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Custom shoe boxes manufactured to deliver the product maximum durability

The packaging of the shoes matters a lot when you want your customers to be happy and satisfied with the purchase from your brand. For this purpose, our experts show great expertise in designing and manufacturing custom shoe boxes with maximum strength and durability. We chose the best material that could retain the external pressure from the environment. Even if these boxes undergo pressure, the shoes remain fixed in their positions.

We have top-notch die-cutting machines to carve the exact sizes of the boxes. Our experts have great skills to analyze the perfect dimensions for the packaging boxes. We usually encase the boxes with a waterproof finish to prevent the product from getting exposed to water. This finish prevents the shoes from getting ruined with water. Also, we design dust proof boxes.

Custom-printed shoe boxes designed with versatile customization features

To make the shoe packaging look admiring and illustrative, we work on designing it creatively. Our experts and designers have great knowledge in choosing unique designs, patterns, and prints for the boxes. By working on the outlook of the customized shoe packaging boxes, we can help boost the sales of your products. We use distinctive blends of colors to get them printed on the packaging. Sometimes, we go along the theme of any upcoming holiday event to let customers easily associate with your brand.

Our high-quality printing techniques help us deliver clear, crisp prints on the boxes. Our printed boxes neither fade in color nor the ink spread anywhere. We then use various finish techniques to boost the presentation of these boxes. We work with the three basic finish techniques. A glossy finish produces a shiny effect on the surface of the boxes. Then, the matt finish can introduce solid saturated colors to the boxes. It will make the boxes stand out in the market. The most exclusive finish that we use is the spot UV finish. This particular finish can make the varnished surface of the packaging boxes glossy.

You can get any finish that suits your packaging requirements.

Custom shoe boxes with logo for branding purposes

The logo is an essential sign for branding purposes. Customers usually associate a brand with its logo rather than remembering the packaging of the products. Our printed logo is worth getting customers’ recognition and attention. Our designers have the expertise to design the logo with the same logo as your brand has. Then, we print the logo with a highly defined printing process.

When your product is placed on a crowded shelf with many brands, a logo is easy for customers to identify. They can readily pick your brand’s products, which helps elevate your brand’s sales. We use embossing and debossing techniques to highlight the logo. With these two techniques, the logo impression makes the personalized shoe boxes look distinctive. For more details, you can browse Packaging Tricks. 

Custom-made shoe packaging boxes printed with the essential labels

Labeling is essential if you want rapid sales of products. Customers prefer to only stay on a single product for a short time when they aim to purchase it. For this reason, you can provide convenience to them by presenting them with well-labeled boxes. Some details are essential that would help customers immediately make the buying decision.

We generally focus on printing the shoe image on the box. It lets customers identify the type of shoe packed in the boxes. Then, we print the color, size, and type of shoe. These little details can draw customers’ attention easily.

Custom shoe boxes wholesale are available at economical prices

We are the wholesale experts in customized shoe packaging. Our in-house production unit allows us to follow each process under one roof. Our customized packaging is always cheaper and more affordable than our competitors. We have great expertise in manufacturing boxes with unique characteristics to amaze customers. Every box that we manufacture has the uniform quality.

We generally look for the most distinctive ideas for the designs and printing on the boxes. Our box layouts are something that makes us deliver creativity. Along with that, we appreciate our clients sharing with us their preferences and ideas in designing custom shoe boxes. You can hire us anytime needed, and you will be amazed with our fast delivery services.